Are there any videos that demonstrate how to use Cosmovox?

A rather experienced Cosmovox performer has been kind enough to provide a video demonstration of many of Cosmovox's possibilities. Hear and see for yourself:

Where can I get Cosmovox?

Cosmovox is available from the Apple App Store. If you have upgraded your iPhone or iPod touch to software release 2.0, you can use the App Store application to buy Cosmovox right from your iPhone.

I can't seem to make music with Cosmovox. Any recommendations?

Consider for a moment that there are two ways that you can approach using a musical instrument. One method is to conceive or borrow a musical idea first, and then practice the instrument until you are satisfied that you have realized your idea. If you study music performance with a teacher or at a university, typically this method is emphasized (but not always).

Another method is to start with the instrument, play it, improvise with it and see where you and the instrument can go together. While great Jazz musicians have phenomenal experience and skill utilizing both of these performance methods simultaneously, it is possible for anyone, regardless of experience, to discover music when open to discovery. If you don't like the music you find, try using a different musical scale. If you don't like the current sound of Cosmovox, adjust the tone and scale controls to your whim.

Why isn't Cosmovox free? Shouldn't all software be free?

We at Leisuresonic are committed to bring you software at prices as close to free as we can and still keep ourselves sheltered, fed, clothed and bathed. Yes, all software should be free, but so should all soap.

Many of your answers here discuss an iPhone but do not mention the iPod touch. How do I know that these answers will work with my iPod touch?

We apologize that we do not mention the iPod touch whenever the iPhone is mentioned. It is safe to assume that any discussion here that mentions the iPhone pertains to the iPod touch as well, unless the iPod touch is explicitly mentioned. If something seems to be missing for the iPod touch, please let us know!

I have a first generation iPod touch which lacks volume buttons. How can I adjust the volume level in Cosmovox?

If you double-tap on the "home" button, a software volume slider should appear. This slider can be used to adjust the overall volume of Cosmovox.

How can I make Cosmovox sound like a classic Theremin?

A question like this can be answered with a pair of screenshots:

Leisuresonic Leisuresonic
How can I turn off the sound of the scale wheel while performing with Cosmovox?

Apple let us squeak by with this feature in the 1.1 update of Cosmovox. Inside the Cosmovox module of the iPhone Settings application is a switch: "Scale Wheel Sound" which you can set to "Off". However, iPhone users can easily turn off user interface sounds and still make audible music with Cosmovox by using the physical mute switch on the side of your iPhone. iPod touch users will have to use the software switch. In the 1.2 update Scale Wheel Sound will be off by default. You will have to venture to settings to turn it back on to hear that satisfying click.

I want to use Cosmovox in a live performance, but I don't want phone calls interrupting me -- what can I do?

The most foolproof method is to turn on Call Forwarding before your performance. Select a phone number different from your iPhone phone number.    :)    Visit the Settings app on your iPhone and drop inside the "Phone" menu. There you will find controls for Call Forwarding. If you are not using Open Sound Control (OSC) when performing with Cosmovox (available in the 1.3 update), instead you can simply turn on Airplane mode to prevent your iPhone from receiving calls. This method is a bit easier -- just visit the Settings app to turn on the Airplane mode switch.

How can I record the music I make with Cosmovox?

This will be addressed in a future update. Unfortunately Apple has yet to provide a way for developers to save music created with an iPhone to your iTunes Music folder. Currently your best bet is to make an analog recording from the headphone jack. Soon we will provide recording and network uploading of audio in Cosmovox and our other music applications for the iPhone which we have under development.

While using Cosmovox I received a "Low Memory Warning" error. My iPhone has 12GB free so why am I getting this error? What should I do?

There are two types of memory on the iPhone, the advertised flash memory (your 12GB free comes from this) and the secret system RAM that Apple does not advertise nor document (even to regular iPhone developers). The iPhone has somewhere in the neighborhood of 128MB of system ram and it can fill up quickly. If you receive this error message in Cosmovox, or a similar error in any other application, it is probably a good time to restart your iPhone. You can restart your iPhone by holding the sleep/wake button for several seconds until you are prompted to shut down your iPhone with a red slider. After the iPhone appears to be powered off, wait a moment. Then hold the sleep/wake button for a few seconds and your iPhone should restart. Apple provides their own iPhone Troubleshooting Assistant which describes how to restart your iPhone and more.

I purchased Cosmovox from the App Store, but when I start it on my iPhone the application immediately quits. What should I do?

We have experienced this problem ourselves with new applications that we have downloaded from the App Store. This is a common problem. We corrected the problem by restarting the iPhone (see "Low Memory Warning" answer above for instructions on how to restart your iPhone). If restarting your iPhone does not correct the problem, you can try methods described in this Apple iPhone Support thread.

Why are there many reviews of Cosmovox on the App Store that complain about missing features that were actually available in Cosmovox 1.0?

There are many people in the world who can write but cannot read. It is quite the paradox. I suggest that you pause, take a deep breath, and forgive these reviewers. Put aside any vengeance that you would want to exact in the afterlife.

What is the most important William Shatner video that should be available on anyone's iPhone?

The most important William Shatner video is, at the time of this writing, already available to any iPhone connected to the internet at this address.

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