Leisuresonic Releases SynthTronica, an Innovative Synthesizer for the iPad

Leisuresonic has released SynthTronica, an expressive and powerful professional-quality synthesizer for the iPad. While SynthTronica is rich with features and abilities -- 92 artisan sound presets, an innovative multitouch filter, multiple keyboard designs, performance recording, sound editing, contextual help and many others -- SynthTronica's design is elegantly balanced to be readily accessible to users with little musical experience while remaining a coveted sound design tool for experienced electronic musicians. SynthTronica is now available for purchase at the Apple App Store.

Portland, Oregon March 29, 2011 -- Leisuresonic LLC, a media creation software company, has announced SynthTronica, the spectral synthesizer for the iPad. SynthTronica is now available via the Apple App Store.

"It was clear the day of the iPad's announcement on January 27, 2010 that the new Apple tablet would be an incredibly powerful medium for musical instruments," said Christopher Penrose, Concerned Parent (CEO) of Leisuresonic. "Development of SynthTronica began on that very day, and continued for over a year before today's release on the App Store. I am confident that the result is a rich and elegant musical instrument accessible for the inexperienced and coveted by seasoned electronic musicians."

SynthTronica takes unique advantage of the iPad's multitouch capabilities. SynthTronica has a powerful multitouch filter which provides unprecedented expressive control over sound in performance, and has the unique ability to sculpt intricate, literally handmade, sounds. Multiple keyboard designs are available, each with dynamic patterns allowing performers to easily explore dozens of different musical scales.

At the heart of SynthTronica is an innovative sound synthesis engine which provides unparalleled sonic possibilities when compared to other conventional synthesizers. Not an off the shelf design, SynthTronica implements "Formant Distortion Synthesis", an advanced spectral signal processing technology for providing varied, complex and dynamic sound evolution. SynthTronica can represent complex rhythms, palpable vocal sounds, analog filters, and a vast territory of new sonic textures all with its powerful and generalized synthesis engine.

SynthTronica is now available for purchase at the Apple App Store at the introductory price of (US) $4.99.

For additional information on SynthTronica, visit:


A video introduction to SynthTronica's sonic possibilities:

And a video focussing on SynthTronica's expressive multitouch filter:

Leisuresonic has many SynthTronica sound examples on Soundcloud:


About Leisuresonic: Leisuresonic LLC is based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States in Portland, Oregon. We are a privately held company with exclusive rights to a substantial body of digital audio and video research innovations. Our current focus is to develop and market media creation software: digital musical instruments, processors and media composition instruments for iOS devices.

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